Look for new perspectives, be a seeker of light, and don’t be afraid to try things out!

Canon 5D Mark II 24-70 f/2.8 L one flashlight

f/4.0 84 Second exposure ISO 125Image

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2 thoughts on “Experiment

  1. So are you going to let us in on the technique ou used to do this or do we have to guess 🙂 I get the basic concept but I would love to know if you stood there the hole time or if you did the flash light then moved into you pose and because of the shutter speed appeared invisible until you were stationary for a long period or did you have someone else do the flashlight trick. Really cool effect! By the way…I like the way you spelled you name out…I saw that one on your Facebook…lol. Now THAT must have been a chore.

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